Receipt of complaints

Report to QA Team

Call an internal meeting and investigate the problem

Decide how to compensate and report to CEO

QA Team manager advise to Customer

Full Communications
Low defect rate

Delivery on time

Cost Saving

Ecosolatec warrants our goods for 1 year by consumer injury compensation rule. After the warranty period, we will provide repair services with reasonable charges. We disclaim all responsibility for damages caused by Misuse (Circuit Change, Remodeling, Damages)

We will let you know about the compensation and notification within 7 days from your request
We will compensate for damages within 20 days from the notice.
You can request A/S in the Customer Service or the place where you purchase.

When this product goes out of order under normal use of Customer, we will repair it free of charge during the warranty period – 1 year
※ This article is not applying to the Latin American and Caribbean Region

Type of Damage


Under Warranty

After Warranty

Damages of performance and Function under normal use of customer

Repair services with Free of Charge

Repair services with reasonable charge

Broken 3 times with the same reason

Exchange the product

Repair services with reasonable charge

Unable to repair even though there are repairing parts

Exchange the product (if impossible A/S)

Exchange the product
with reasonable charge

Unable to repair because there are no repairing parts

In case of no breakdown
-We charge the cost if there is no breakdown. Please read the Manual first.

In case of breakdown under wrong use of customer
-Breakdown from Customer’s Carelessness, repair or remodeling
-Breakdown from the change of electric capacity
-Damages from the carelessness during changing location of the product

※ This article is not applying to the Latin American and Caribbean Region

If there is Ecosolatec’s distributor and agency, Call the place there